When it comes to blockchain development, it is vitally important to not only get the job done, but to make sure that it’s done correctly. Just ask the blockchain project manager or lead who runs into an issue with an improperly implemented smart contract after the proposition has been launched and made available to the public. Like almost anything in business and life for that matter, it’s much easier to get things right up front than it is to make corrections after the fact. Doing things properly beforehand is the way to go, if at all possible, and in the blockchain development industry, that certainly holds true.

Recruiting blockchain developers requires keen skill, which takes time and dedicated focus to grow and cultivate. There is an art to it, and any recruiter will tell you, it goes way beyond a professional resume or any one or more parts of the interview process. A blockchain developer has to know how to interact with the rest of the team working together on the project or company mission, so then  interpersonal and communication skills come into play, together with several other metrics which can help at least gauge the potential success of any official new talent hire.

How To Know The Best Blockchain Developer is Selected For The Job?

So then what are the things to look for when searching for the best fitting blockchain developer for the proposed work assignment? How does one determine and furthermore confidently select the best candidate for the job? What can a recruiter or hiring manager look to in order to confirm that the best decision has been made in the hiring process? Success in the hiring process can be seen as being dependent upon confidence in the process itself. Apart from the results, which come only after the work is done, it’s really confidence which perpetuates forward movement and progress as training and development for the specific job assignment persists post-hiring.

Some skills are considered absolutely necessary, and essential for all blockchain developers to possess regardless of the specific type of development job assignment that would need to be carried out. This brings up another important point. The specific nature of the job is also a factor which comes into play when looking for the best Blockchain Developer. This difference can be an extremely crucial one. Is the project a P2E game which typically requires the creation of NFTs and other in-game digital assets? Maybe the job is to develop a DeFi platform, which would require the talent sought out to possess a greater degree of knowledge and demonstrated proficiency in back-end processes involved in coding for the implementation of liquidity protocols and various cryptocurrencies related to any number of digital ecosystems. Whatever the requirements may be, it is important to understand the unique needs of the assignment in order to seek the ideal Developer for successful job fulfillment.

1. Thorough Understanding of Blockchain Technology and Concepts

While this may seem like a given, many may be surprised to learn that not all Blockchain Developers have a firm handle on the fundamental concepts of the blockchain and all of the technological nuances that go into making it what it is. The blockchain is a distributed database which enables secure, tamper-proof, transparent digital transactions, but there are many aspects to comprehending this in order to effectively write and implement high-quality, professional code. Beyond that, the Developer should also possess knowledge of different blockchains, as no two are ever actually the same through and through. While there may be basic elements that are the same, the purpose of the blockchain developed, along with other factors, creates slight and subtle differences.

The Ethereum blockchain network implements smart contracts along its distributed ledger, and the programming code used is typically Solidity as well as Rust, but Developers should also understand React JS which is oftentimes seen as a step in the direction of learning and becoming efficient with Solidity. So then the differences in programming languages come into play as well, which is why highly specialized blockchain recruiters like Cryptrain take a large toll off of the hiring manager through the implementation of underlying processes that help to automate and produce a highly effective recruitment scenario, like AI intelligence to assess the code written by potential Developers. One can never be too sure, which is why Cryptrain’s in-house developed AI protocol is designed to look deeper into the elements of any code any Blockchain Engineer has written when searching for the best talent.

2. Demonstrated Proficiency in One or More Programming Languages

While possessing an underlying understanding of blockchain technology and science is a fundamentally important skill for any blockchain developer to possess, the right candidate should also have demonstrated proficiency in at least one of the programming languages associated with development. Some of the popular blockchain developer programming languages include C++, Python, JavaScript and Solidity to name a few. Cryptrain tests for all of the most up to date programming languages and rates Developers in any one of three categories. Blockchain Developers are respectively classified as Junior, Intermediate or Senior Developers once assessed and rated through the Cryptrain evaluation process.

For some projects, Developers may need to be proficient in more than one programming language, which should each be tested in order to rate the ability of each. In cases like that, knowing what to look for and how to test it, is even more vitally important to understand and implement.

3. The Ability To Work In A Team Environment

While this may be questioned by some, the ability to work together with others in a team is a huge necessity for a proficient Blockchain Developer to be able to do. Now, more than ever, a greater percentage of work is being done remotely. Strong team and interpersonal skills are vital for Blockchain Developers to possess for this reason. Communication is key, and that’s why Cryptrain’s recruitment process includes soft skills interviews which aim to identify such strengths or weaknesses.

Regardless of how proficient a Developer may be, he or she must be able to work with the rest of the team in order for the fit to be a successful one. Web Developers, Project Managers, Media and Marketing Professionals and many other positions must often come together to make a complete blockchain project team. Interworking relationships are very important for this process to ultimately be deemed as successful.

4. A Thorough Grasp Of Cryptography

Cryptography is the practice of protecting data which is held and moving along the blockchain network. Blockchain technology relies on cryptography in this way, in order for the information presented to the decentralized network to be secured, since the blockchain is peer-to-peer, and does not use third parties to facilitate communication or other aspects of the network protocol. A good grasp on cryptography helps the Blockchain Developer to be able to implement its principles in the development process. A Developer must know how to effectively protect the network, and the knowledge of cryptography has a rather significant effect on that.

5. Advanced Understanding of Smart Contracts

Smart Contract protocol is easily the most common code implementation used to execute commands in a decentralized blockchain network environment. It is safe to say that most blockchains use smart contracts now, to carry out automated functions. Smart contracts are written code which carry out commands automatically, without the need for third party involvement. It is extremely important for any Blockchain Developer who may be considered for a job assignment to possess knowledge of Smart Contracts and how to code them, for this reason. Even in various different types of blockchains, Smart Contracts are a chosen method to facilitate automated communication which can include trading and swapping cryptocurrencies, NFT and digital asset features and more. An advanced comprehension of this along with the demonstrated ability to write smart contracts is good to look for when trying to identify good Blockchain Developers to hire.

Bringing It All Together

Each of the five skills and abilities listed above as important for Blockchain Developers to have should be taken into careful consideration when looking for a Blockchain Developer to hire to fulfill requirements for any job assignment. From understanding the blockchain science and its concepts, to proficiency in specific programming languages, comprehension of smart contracts, effectively working together with other members of a team, and possessing a thorough understanding of cryptography. These and other important skills and abilities are tested and rated by the seasoned professionals who implement the systemized Cryptrain recruitment process. Partnering together with seasoned professionals like Cryptrain can help remove doubt and uncertainty and replace it with confidence, by freeing up hiring managers and other professionals to be able to dedicate their time to other important tasks, while Cryptrain, with the help of automation, tends to locating and hiring the best talent for the blockchain position. Contact Cryptrain to find the right talent for your blockchain project!