Technical Validation

Cryptrain Blockchain Developers Technical Validation used in the Hiring Process

Technical Validation is used in the Cryptrain recruitment process to vet Blockchain Engineers looking to obtain jobs with employers and projects. Cryptrain uses a fundamental AI technology tool which automates that particular part of the validation process and accomplishes a high degree of accuracy in identifying clear distinctions in Developer skill level.


Technical Validation puts Blockchain Developer Talent into three easy categories

The technical validation process we implement in our very own recruitment steps utilized at Cryptrain allow Blockchain Engineers to be put into one of three categories based on their programming proficiency in the coding languages tested.

All programming languages can be evaluated and ranked by the Cryptrain AI tool, which makes it possible for Developers listed in the global talent pool to rank in one or more coding competencies. The three categories used to classify and distinguish Blockchain Developer talent on the Cryptrain platform are:

  1. Junior Blockchain Developer
  2. Intermediate Blockchain Developer
  3. Senior Blockchain Developer

Github Submission by Blockchain Developers

The validation process breaks down into just a few easy to follow steps. Now that the understanding of why it is important for employers and hiring managers to know what you can truly do as a Blockchain Engineer, let’s move into the process itself.

The first element of the Technical Validation process is the submission of github code or other acceptable code.

Github Submission by Blockchain Developers

If you are a Blockchain Engineer chances are you’ve at least heard of Github and perhaps have even begun adding to the open source code of any relevant repo on the network. In the blockchain industry Github is arguably the foremost authority when considering guidance on technical proficiency displayed real-time.

Understanding this reality encouraged us to look out into the future so to say, and develop a process that would help get Blockchain Developers ready and qualified beforehand so that when job opportunities would come along, they’d already be ready to advance to a warm interview. To officialize things, we partnered with Github, and have access to public and hidden open source code submitted there.

Even though this is the case, we allow each of our Blockchain Developers to submit code snippets themselves, without involving ourselves in that part of the stepwise process.

Options Other than Github for Developers to Import Clode From

While Github would certainly be considered the most recognized of Blockchain Developers and professional networks by most, there are other platforms which Cryptrain enables our Developers to put into the system.

Besides Github, Developers embarking in the validation process are empowered with the ability to plug in and submit their code from other platforms. Gitlab, LinkedIn and Stackoverflow are other platforms which we allow developers to connect and port code into for us to validate your skills and demonstrated ability to program at a specific engineering level.

Coding Assessment is also an Option to Verify Coding Skills

In cases where Github/Gitlab or others are not as readily accessible, job seekers are able to schedule a coding assessment which will be used in the same capacity as is in reviewing previously written code. 30-45 minutes should be set aside to take the Coding Skills Screening.

In our job pool, whenever there’s a listing, Developers are able to take the coding assessment by scheduling it according to the best available times. The coding assessment provides a way, even for Engineers who are active on Github and other platforms, to opt in for a different style of assessment to be used in the validation process. It gives a great alternative.

Code Snippet as Another Validation Method

An additional validation measure is by utilizing Code Snippet. Code snippet gives Developers the ability to copy and paste code they have previously written, and submit it for review through the network.

It is beneficial to note that the software at work within Code Snippet is sensitive and designed to recognize plagiarized code. There is also an additional requirement to explain why the Developer wrote the code the way they did. Comprehension and some degree of mastery will always be evaluated for in each of our validation methods.

Soft Skills Interview

The soft skills interview adds another degree of texture to our validation process. Soft skills are made up of recognized qualities which add to an individual’s ability to relate and connect with others.

Intercommunication and interpersonal skills, team and group skills, social skills and empathy make up some of the concepts which make up the variety of soft skills we test for during the interviewing part of the technical validation process.

We must ensure that our clients, the employers, are provided with blockchain professionals who will not only be able to program as requirements call for, but also have the ability to work together as and with the team.

We keep Information Private

Cryptrain keeps all of your data private. We adhere to all governing laws and regulations, and therefore comprehend the seriousness of maintaining a high degree of vigilance over data security. It is important that you know, at Cryptrain we never share any of your submitted code with any one. Your safety and privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

Getting Started is the way to Move Forward.

If you are a Blockchain Developer looking for more job opportunities and open to the possibility of finding your ideal job, the only way to establish that in the future at some point, is by walking forward from this point.

Submit your information to join the talent pool and get the ball rolling towards becoming technically validated. From there be immediately on your way towards a potential match with a job assignment you absolutely love!

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