About Cryptrain Blockchain Recruitment Agency

Cryptrain is an internationally reaching Blockchain Recruitment agency with just under 20,000 talented Blockchain Developers in the global talent pool. More than 1,000 of those Engineers have been completely validated and available for hire in any one of several various open blockchain roles being observed by the qualified candidates competing for employment in the blockchain job market.





Garrett Hartwell
Co-Founder Altbase

“The quality of hires was head and shoulders above any tech recruitment gig going on.”

Liam Quinlan-Stamp
Founder Coinpresso

“These guys will change the face of developer recruitment forever especially in Web3.0.”

Craig Duffield
CEO Takeoff Media (PIN)

“Within a matter of 48 hours, we had signed on our newest developer to our company.”

Our Very Own Cryptrain Backstory

While there is no doubt that we have experienced progress over the first few years of our existence, the story of Cryptrain goes back to 2019.

In the early beginnings of Cryptrain we were inspired to help make effective changes in the growing cryptocurrency and blockchain job market, specifically with regards to the validation process used to consider which Blockchain Developers to actually hire.

Cryptrain Recognized a Need in Blockchain Recruiting

As efficient Blockchain Recruiters and professionals focused on effective planning and action, we felt it best to develop an accurate plan before setting out to construct the Blockchain Talent Agency known as Cryptrain today.

Skillsme is the initial registered company formed back in early 2020 in order to look into details of the blockchain industry breakdown in order to identify employer and cryptocurrency project needs which were missed in the recruitment process as it stood then.

Under the Skillsme banner, our professional staff began developing the in-house designed and constructed recruitment process to address the holes which were discovered in the research phase.

We went to work in developing the process, which brought us to the idea and eventually, the absolute need to implement AI technology to help assist and automate that part of the recruitment process. Naturally the same happened when we developed other aspects such as the soft skills interview segment and specific standards to hold and keep to whenever hiring for specific Blockchain Developer jobs.

The Development of Validation Tools Leads to a Talent Recruitment Agency

From the beginnings of the Skillsme work and concerted effort, the need and vision to develop a Blockchain Talent Agency was clearly identified. The tools and process we’d set out to work and develop as Skillsme had taken on a form of its own, and the mission naturally evolved.

We needed recruitment agencies to implement the process we’d taken time to research thoroughly and develop accurately. At that point it was clear - who would be better to do it than us? In this, Cryptrain was born and the focus was expanded to see ourselves not only as a technically proficient team which was able to identify certain gaps in the blockchain recruitment process and create solutions in the form of tools, but also as facilitators of that process.

Cryptrain Recruitment Agency Brings Blockchain Developers and Employers Together

The mission of Cryptrain evolved and we set out to refine the more fluid parts of the process. This meant more attention needed to be devoted to the deeper aspects that went into making a successful connection between the Blockchain Developers and hiring companies.

At Cryptrain we are aware of and just as focused on specifics of personality and social skills in the Blockchain recruitment process. We’ve learned that skills classified as interpersonal and communication based for instance, can just as much make for a match that does or alternatively, does not work.

The recruitment process we implement at Cryptrain looks at all aspects of the candidates and measures against all known aspects of the job assignment and hiring team in order to make the most accurate connections.


Cryptrain Evolving in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry

Since the beginning of the Cryptrain mission just a few years back we have committed to learning and growing as expert professionals. In order to make a difference on a day to day basis it requires learning and researching.

At Cryptrain we commit to this necessary process of perpetual growth. We pay attention to the blockchain industry as well as other aspects of the recruitment process, shifts in Web3.0 technology and other industry changes over time.

If you are a Blockchain Developer, employer or cryptocurrency project, take a look at the Cryptrain process and what we can do to assist your blockchain recruitment or job aspirations!

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