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Cryptrain recruitment services automates the process to help employers and managers find the most talented professionals. Hire Solidity developer talent capable of fulfilling the unique requirements of your job by using Cryptrain.

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Finding the correct candidate to fill smart contract developer job vacancies can be frustrating

The process of identifying the absolute best Solidity Developer with demonstrated proficiency as a Smart Contract Engineer can be quite frustrating whether you’re new or experienced in the Solidity Developer hiring process.

The ideal candidate needs to not only have an adequate proficiency level in the Solidity programming language, but also other related Smart Contract Developer, blockchain and Ethereum-specific demonstrated experience.

Solidity Development and what it means to be a Smart Contract Engineer

Solidity is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language used to build and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. In order to be an effective Solidity Developer, the engineer must be proficient in the object oriented programming paradigm, in which objects presented contain data and code.

Solidity is the native language of the Ethereum network, so a Solidity Engineer is needed whenever setting out to build a serious Ethereum-based blockchain project. Smart contracts come in different classes, like Staking or other DeFi protocol specialty smart contracts, NFT smart contracts, and others applicable to the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). The best suited Solidity Developer will also have proficiency in Javascript (js), developed on the road to developing proficiency in solidity.

Cryptrain helps your company hire Solidity Developer talent with confidence

Cryptrain simplifies this process for our clients at a low cost. Efficiency is ideal, and the steps of recruitment we implement at Cryptrain make sure our results stand out. Don’t take chances with unreliable metrics or screening methods that bring unreliable results.

Let Cryptrain automate the recruitment process and help identify the ideal Solidity Developer with other relevant skills, along with the right team and interpersonal skills.


If you need to hire a smart contract-proficient Solidity Engineer - Cryptrain can help!

Are you an employer or Manager in need of full-time, individual project or freelance Solidity developers?

Cryptrain can dramatically simplify this process, keep money in your pocket, and allow you and your team to keep your focus on what you do best. We work to help ensure you hire a Solidity Engineer who fulfills all of the minute, important requirements of the job - whilst providing valuable insights as to the person behind the developer.

  • Solidity Developers, proficient in smart contracts can be difficult to find, because of associated software and other relevant skills like js (JavaScript), Rust, React or Python, which jobs often call for. Cryptrain is familiar with the requirements and how to test for them.
  • Cryptrain AI technology helps validate Solidity engineer proficiency based on coding accuracy and present activity level to ensure current practice.
  • Validated Solidity Developers in the global talent pool who meet requirements may be available for rapid fulfillment of talent recruitment.
  • Find validated Solidity Developers in the global talent pool to find freelance developers.
  • Reduce risk of hiring bad actors or overseas agencies applying for jobs.

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AI technology used to validate Solidity engineer proficiency levels

The recruitment steps we implement at Cryptrain include the use of AI technology to validate Solidity Developers accuracy and proficiency in programming. Our AI technology screening analyzes code from Solidity Developers and checks for proficiency level as well as recent coding activity.

AI technology together with soft skills interviews helps ensure our recruitment process takes all relevant skills and abilities into consideration when looking for the best candidates to fill Solidity Developer jobs for blockchain employers and managers who entrust us to deliver accurate, precise results.

Why Solidity Developers choose to join Cryptrain for quality job opportunities

When Solidity Developers evaluate the Cryptrain network, most find that the integrity and transparency offered by the AI screening of their individual Github and other relevant code gives them an opportunity to validate their abilities and find jobs that match their interests and abilities.

Solidity Developers get the opportunity to be placed a few steps beyond competition by the AI screening validation process, which can help provide you the confidence to make a hire, made possible by a standardized process - already trusted by experts with advanced Solidity engineer needs.

  • Solidity Developers benefit by becoming part of the Cryptrain global talent pool with highly effective AI screening validation.
  • Get full disclosure of Solidity blockchain job requirements to ensure the job is the right match for you.
  • Identify your specific proficiency with Ethereum smart contracts by use of Cryptrain AI technology screening.
  • Have the potential to be matched quickly with Solidity Developer jobs as a validated Developer in the Cryptrain global talent pool.

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