Cryptrain Blockchain Recruitment Agency Finds Blockchain and NFT Developers for Hire

Cryptrain uses a combination of AI technology and contact interviewing in our screening process strategically curated to assist us in finding and selecting only the most qualified blockchain developers for your company or cryptocurrency project’s specific project needs.

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Garrett Hartwell
Co-Founder Altbase

“The quality of hires was head and shoulders above any tech recruitment gig going on.”

Liam Quinlan-Stamp
Founder Coinpresso

“These guys will change the face of developer recruitment forever especially in Web3.0.”

Craig Duffield
CEO Takeoff Media (PIN)

“Within a matter of 48 hours, we had signed on our newest developer to our company.”

Utilize Cryptrain Recruitment Agency for your Blockchain Developer job needs

Cryptrain recruitment agency advances the recruitment process to aid and assist blockchain development companies and cryptocurrency projects quickly identify accurately screened and qualified blockchain developers to fill job vacancies.

Cryptrain removes the hesitation and uncertainty associated with not knowing where to find blockchain developers and manages as much of the process as you need us to as your highly effective blockchain recruitment agency.


Blockchain and Crypto Companies benefit from Cryptrain Tech Recruitment Services

  1. Blockchain development companies and employers get access to pre-validated blockchain developers and may fulfill project, exchange or company needs rapidly.
  2. The professionals at Cryptrain take the lead in the recruitment process so you don’t have to. Let us do the technical work needed to match the right blockchain professional with your cryptocurrency project or company needs.
  3. Lower HR and other costs associated with the recruitment and hiring process by allowing Cryptrain to manage the recruitment for you.
  4. Enjoy easy, hassle-free, competitive pricing for Cryptrain tech recruitment services.
  5. AI technology assists Cryptrain in the screening process. Even with this, Cryptrain is still priced more competitively than less thorough competitors who don’t offer AI screening.
  6. Cryptrain combines soft skills interviewing to AI screening for complete results and accuracy in total assessments of developers’ proficiency level.
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Cryptrain Recruiters help Companies and Cryptocurrency Projects hire Blockchain Developer Talent with specific skills

Our AI technology tests for proficiencies in every available programming language. This way, we are able to test for the specific needs of your project in the course of our screening and interview process for qualified candidates.

At Cryptrain we assist companies in filling blockchain developer vacancies across multiple relevant specialties, including NFT, metaverse, JS (JavaScript), Solidity, Rust, XR and Web 3.0 related programming languages. Cryptrain helps dramatically lighten the load and assist companies and cryptocurrency projects to find and hire blockchain developer talent with our thorough recruitment process.



Hire NFT Developer talent with Cryptrain Recruitment Services

Our tech-supported recruitment services help employers and hiring managers select accurately screened and interviewed candidates for NFT development. Cryptrain assists in making the process of finding NFT developers simple by taking on all elements of the recruitment process.

The Cryptrain recruitment screening and interview process ensures that qualified NFT developers are specifically matched to individual project needs, and are qualified to meet the sometimes very unique requirements which the job may demand. It makes your job as a hiring manager or employer much easier when Cryptrain assists in your quest to find and  hire NFT developer talent for your very specific project requirements.


Cryptrain helps you find Metaverse Developers for your Recruitment needs

So many employers and hiring managers are in search of Metaverse developers, as companies and projects of all sizes and industry affiliations continue to build in the Web 3.0 space. Cryptrain screens for Metaverse and other Web 3.0 focused developers to help fill your metaverse development needs.

We simplify the process for Metaverse companies and projects. No need to risk hiring a remote contractor whom you have never met or had the opportunity to carefully screen through a multi-layered screening and interview process like Cryptrain does in every case. We’ve automated and perfected all parts of our tech recruitment process to find and match your talent needs with the most relevant Metaverse and Web3 developers.


Hire solidity developers with Cryptrain recruitment services

Cryptrain screens and finds some of the best Solidity developer talent available and brings them right to the point to meet with potential employers. If your project is in need of a solidity developer for smart contract development, let Cryptrain assist in your recruitment needs.

If you are a Solidity developer, submit your information through the “join talent pool” option and follow the steps forward. Cryptrain professional blockchain developer recruitment services can help you hire Solidity developer talent that fits your company or cryptocurrency project needs.


Cryptrain Recruiters help fill job vacancies for Rust Developers

At Cryptrain blockchain and crypto recruitment agency, we excel at helping companies find and hire Rust developer talent for their unique project needs. Our AI technology helps us filter through junior, intermediate and advanced proficiency level Rust developers to match them accurately with employers looking for their specific skill sets.

Recruitment and screening process built for precision and accuracy

Hiring managers and employers are able to list specifics of job vacancies which require Rust developers, and Rust developers in the Cryptrain network are able to submit their code to be screened for proficiency, for an opportunity to be matched with relevant vacant blockchain developer jobs. The Cryptrain recruitment process accurately identifies the most fitting Rust developers for blockchain companies and projects based on several touch points analyzed as part of the screening and interview process, which is built for precision.

Fill Blockchain Developer vacancies in and around Crypto with Cryptrain Recruitment Services

Cryptrain's global talent pool is already a bank of over 17,000 blockchain developers, of which 1,000 have been fully validated through our stringent screening process.

Developers proficient in coding languages like XR, JavaScript, and Python, can be found in the Cryptrain resource pool. We are always accepting new talent into our pool as well, helping developers land their dream jobs in the process.


Blockchain Developers utilize Cryptrain Recruitment Agency for great jobs

Cryptrain recruitment process assists serious blockchain developers with programming experience. Our recruitment agency has the best process to validate your development skills and show your ability off to employers looking for developers proficient in all languages and focuses - JavaScript, Python, Rust, Solidity smart contract developers, mobile developers, full stack developers - the list goes on.

Our blockchain recruiters and professionals possess unique experience which has a tremendous positive impact and assists our efforts directly. Competency in cryptocurrency, DeFi and intersecting industries and disciplines help to distinguish us as recruiters for blockchain developers, who can place the best talent into the most accurately fitting jobs by using the parameters of our AI-supported screening and interview process.

Blockchain developers who are in the job that they are best suited for, are proven to be high achievers in their role/position. Finding the accurate match on all sides is what makes for the right fit. That’s what the recruiting process at Cryptrain blockchain recruitment agency accomplishes.

Blockchain Developers benefit from Cryptrain tech Recruitment Services

  1. Land your dream job with access to a variety of potential employers.
  2. Set yourself apart by being validated by the Cryptrain AI technology screening process.
  3. Distinguish yourself by advancing in proficiency levels as your unique development experience increases.
  4. Keep yourself knowledgeable of the most recent industry trends by reviewing relevant job vacancy requirements on Cryptrain.
  5. Be a stand out talent by familiarizing yourself with the recruitment process from start to finish as a listed developer in the Cryptrain global talent pool.
  6. Get matched up with potential employers quickly upon getting validated. Existing profiles are available for immediate review for potential matches, as new employers express hiring needs.

Integrity sets us apart

Full stack developers, mobile developers, smart contract developers, more Web 3.0 related developers, and others are drawn to the Cryptrain recruitment network routinely. Integrity and genuineness are vital to our tech-supported recruitment process. These attributes are also extremely important elements which set us apart from other recruitment agencies. Developers who excel at what they do want to be screened to substantiate and prove their ability to perform effectively in a job. Cryptrain’s unique recruitment process helps us to do just that and match serious candidates with serious employers and companies. When all parties get what they genuinely want and are looking for, success is almost inevitable.
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Simple packages for Blockchain Development Recruiting Services

Cryptrain offers three neatly packaged propositions for companies and projects to choose from when looking to hire blockchain developers to fill job vacancies.

Whether your project calls for individual AI screenings of your own candidates, complete assistance with screening talent, or even the entire screening and sourcing process fulfilled - Cryptrain has you covered!

Price List



Individual Talent

$250 per talent

AI Screening
Report & Recommendation
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*Perfect for validating unknown freelancer


All Services
10% annual salary
Sourcing Talents
Screening Talents
Report & Recommendation
Learn More
*Perfect for the full recruitment process


Your Talent

7% annual salary

Screening Talents
Report & Recommendation
Learn More
*Perfect if you have already sourced your talents
We accept stablecoins including USDT, BUSD, USDC and fiat transfer.
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Cryptrain blockchain recruitment agency can assist you in meeting your specific needs.

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