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Cryptrain is a top choice for Blockchain Developers looking for legitimate, well sourced available jobs in the blockchain industry. Start your journey to the Cryptrain global talent pool and put yourself in position to land the Blockchain Developers job of your dreams.

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Chinedu Ofor
Fullstack Developer

““It has never been easier finding new remote employment opportunities, the recruitment process was clear, concise, fast, and accurate.””

Zaid Qureshi
Mobile Developer

“Skillsme made easy to find remote job. I appreciate their AI tool to screen the portfolio and choose the right person for a job.”

Sagar Yadav
Blockchain Developer

“Skillsme's AI-enabled GitHub portfolio scanner evaluated my strengths and weaknesses in an instant and I was surprised at how accurate it was.”
Cryptrain is a top choice for Blockchain Developers looking for legitimate, well sourced available jobs in the blockchain industry. Start your journey to the Cryptrain global talent pool and put yourself in position to land the Blockchain Developers job of your dreams.

The Cryptrain Talent Pool is for Blockchain Developers of all Experience Levels

Whether you’re just beginning your professional path as a Blockchain Developer or well along in your experience, Cryptrain is the resource that can supercharge the enjoyment and peace of mind in your craft.

That’s because we dedicate the time and attention needed to match employers who trust us with their recruitment needs, with the most qualified Blockchain Developers available for each job. That goes for each of the 3 Blockchain Developer experience caveats represented in our global pool.

Three Blockchain Developer Experience Levels in the Global Talent Pool

Blockchain Recruiters at Cryptrain identify all of our validated Blockchain Engineers as one of three distinct experience levels.

  1. The entry level Blockchain Developer that has the ability to program on a fundamental, introductory level, is recognized as a Junior Engineer in the Cryptrain Talent Pool.
  2. The mid-level Blockchain Developer identified in our global data pool is called an Intermediate level Engineer, and capable of average level difficulty in programming, with experience to match.
  3. The most proficient and practiced of all Engineers in the Cryptrain global talent pool is a Senior Blockchain Developer, and able to handle the most difficult of all blockchain job assignments.

Submit your information today and advance to the next step of adding your own github and any other code directly into our Cryptrain, in-house developed AI technology-supported automated validation process. Whether an employer is looking for Rust or Solidity proficiency, or looking to hire NFT Developer talent, our validation process distinguishes us and Blockcahin Developers in the Cryptrain global talent pool.


AI Technology-Supported Validation Process

The AI technology-supported validation process is used to clearly check for the intricacies of your programming ability and how frequently you’re actively writing code. The AI tool benefits all parties involved in the recruitment process.

Our talented Blockchain Recruiters are well seasoned and well-equipped to look into the meaning of the metrics and results produced by the AI validation process, the fundamental element of our detailed recruitment process at Cryptrain.

How the Recruitment Process Benefits Blockchain Engineers

All talented Blockchain Developers who have, are or will join the Cryptrain global talent pool quickly learn of the positive implications the AI tool supported portion of the validation process gives. Specifically, Blockchain Engineers receive results of the process and are able to clearly understand where they are rated according to test findings. This gives a number of potential advantages, like the potential to sharpen skills and advance in experience levels!

Benefits for Blockchain Employers and Crypto Hiring Managers

Blockchain Employers and Hiring Managers who call upon Cryptrain to fulfill hiring needs, often find that the process facilitated by our highly intuitive, precise and accurate AI tech-supported validation process makes their jobs easier in a number of ways.

  • AI tech-support removes uncertainty from the recruitment process by automating the skills assessment.
  • The AI technology rating system dramatically narrows candidates down for employers.
  • AI technology identifies other factors like frequency of programming to ensure current practice, which greatly helps employers.

Join the Cryptrain Global Resource Pool Today

If you are a Blockchain Developer we encourage you to take the next step towards the job you’ve been looking for. Your dream job may very well be on the other side of the progressive action of you joining the talent pool today. Once you apply for a role or join our talent pool, you'll be able to submit your existing code for assessment by our AI tech tool and the rest of the process is just as smooth.

We’re looking forward to seeing you join the Cryptrain global talent pool and working towards you landing that job you truly deserve!

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