Cryptrain Blockchain Recruitment Agency FAQ


What is Cryptrain?

Cryptrain is a Blockchcain Recruitment Agency which uses the combination of AI technology and soft skills interviewing to validate Blockchain Developers and match them with business clients - blockchain employers, cryptocurrency projects and others in need of Web3.0 aligned Developers.

When was Cryptrain Started?

Cryptrain began as Skillsme in 2019, when the company first started developing AI and other tools to test the technical skill levels of Blockchain Engineers with precision and accuracy.

Is Cryptrain a Cryptocurrency Project?

While Cryptrain works with blockchain employers and projects that may have cryptocurrency tokens associated with their business models, we are not a cryptocurrency project.

How Can I Be Considered for the Blockchain Developers Global Talent Pool?

If you are a Blockchain Developer we would love to hear from you. You can sign up as the first step in the process towards being added to our global network of blockchain professionals. You can do so today by filling out the information in the “Join Talent Pool”.

How Can I Use Cryptrain Recruitment Agency to Help Find a Blockchain Developer for my Project/Company?

Employers and cryptocurrency, as well as non-cryptocurrency projects, can submit contact information by utilizing the Contact Form, and we will respond with steps to assist your efforts in beginning and helping fulfill your Blockchain Developer recruitment needs.

What Kind of Blockchain Developers Can Join Cryptrain to Find Jobs?

Blockchain Developers of all programming language proficiencies are accepted for consideration into our global talent pool, pending successful passing of the validation process. NFT Developers, Rust, Solidity, Python, JavaScript (JS) and all others are tested during the validation process.

What Can I Expect in the Validation Process?

The AI tech-supported portion of the Cryptrain Blockchain Developer validation process is completely up to the applicant. It is an automated process in which Developers input their Github, Gitlab, LinkedIn or StackOverflow code of choice to be analyzed by our technology. When that is complete, the results produced will categorize Developers into Junior, Intermediate, or Advanced levels, and give insight into strengths and less developed areas.

How does the Soft Skills Interview work?

The soft skills interview is facilitated by one of our expert blockchain recruiters. We check for interpersonal and team skills, to determine the fit for our clients, blockchain employers and Perfect, thankcryptocurrency projects in need of remote Blockchain Developers across different Developer languages.

How Long are Job Assignments With Cryptrain Clients Typically?

There is no telling what the individual Blockchain Developer job assignment length will be until it is drafted and published, however short-term, mid-term and long-term job assignments are published at different times on our Developers Job Vacancies Board.

Are Job Assignments on Cryptrain Fully Remote?

There are different projects and employers who present various job assignments on the Cryptrain job vacancy list. There may be on site jobs posted at times, but the majority of assignments open on the Cryptrain job postings are remote and can therefore be obtained by any one of many validated qualified Blockchain Developers across the world without location-dependency.

Can Potential Employers Find me on Cryptrain in case I miss a Posting?

We are actively recruiting for employers and hiring managers, so while there are job listings that are published regularly, we will also occasionally call on Developers who we feel could fit well in specific jobs listed on our network. In these cases, a member of our professional staff will reach out to Blockchain Developers directly in order to set up an interview. All job seekers are still encouraged to check job vacancies regularly for themselves.

Check Back Regularly

Whether you found what you’re looking for in this setting or not, be sure to check back here for job vacancies that may be of significant interest to you or others who you know in the future. We regularly update the job vacancy list with the most recent and accurate opportunities!

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