Cryptrain Screening and Recruitment Process

At Cryptrain we have years of experience in the blockchain and tech recruitment industry. The years have allowed us to perfect and evolve our blockchain recruitment process into that of an elite level. We have developed into global industry leaders, largely because of the thoroughness involved with our multi-layered recruitment process. Working with a seasoned blockchain tech recruitment agency like Cryptrain affords our clients confidence and peace of mind. Our years of combined experience is backed up by technology and automation, as we bring them together to present employers and hiring managers with quality, talented Blockchain Developers for many different work assignments including, but not limited to DApps Development, NFT Development, Metaverse and Gamefi Development, Stack Developer needs, Solidity, Rust, JavaScript (js) and other programming languages and proficiencies which may come up as required for the job.

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A Blockchain Recruitment Process Supported by Tech

The Cryptrain Blockchain Developer recruitment process is supported by the infrastructure of an AI technology supported technical skills validation tool. Our AI system was built entirely in-house, by the highly skilled professionals of Skillsme, an aligned partner responsible primarily for earlier tech development. We request applying Blockchain Engineers to submit their Github and other relevant code from other open source platforms.

In this step of the recruitment process, the submitted code is analyzed for proficiency and frequency of coding contributions to determine how much a Developer is in fact coding on a regular basis. Factors like this come up in job requirements, and Cryptrain has developed into an elite blockchain recruitment agency for reasons like this, not being willing to compromise even a little.

In fact, we make our recruitment process more stringent to ensure we do acquire the best Blockchain Developers out there. At Cryptrain it is most important that we vet for accuracy and thoroughness in order to get the best candidates for employers and managers in need of the assistance of highly trained Blockchain Engineers.

Independent Soft Skills Interview Supports The Cryptrain Hiring Process

Another layer of our comprehensive tech recruitment process is the battery of soft skills interviews which we conduct with each job candidate prior to making the connection with potential employers. This process of highly vetting every potential candidate thoroughly, beyond the technical skills validation done by our in-house developed AI tech-supported tool, helps add an additional layer of screening which checks for more personable and team-related skills which are important for overall recruitment success and accurate matching.

Our team of professional blockchain recruiters have the experience to assess and test for specific skills through questions and other screening measures. We do this in order to draw out the metrics which correlate to candidates either matching well or not, with employer needs, team and work structure.

Cryptrain does the professional work so that our employers and managers can continue in their roles effectively all while receiving updates with vetted, top-notched Blockchain Developer candidates directly to your inbox. After an initial consultation, we begin to determine the needs associated with the unique project or job. Not long after, we begin vetting potential candidates identified in our global talent pool of over 17,000 highly trained Blockchain Developers of all skill sets and experience levels.

3 Levels of Blockchain Developers Identified in the Cryptrain Recruitment Process

The fundamental layer of our multi-tiered recruitment process involves the classifying of Blockchain Developers in one of three distinct categories signifying experience and current proficiency level. Whether Solidity, Rust, Python, Smart Contracts, Metaverse Developer or any one or more combined proficiencies, Blockchain Engineers are placed in a category in order to determine the ability level quickly, according to the needs of whatever job is considered for fulfillment in the future.

  1. Junior Blockchain Developers are considered to have introductory level experience, equipped to handle lighter, entry level developer job assignments.
  2. Intermediate Blockchain Developers have adequate Blockchain Developer skills to handle most assignments, but most likely lack experience needed for more difficult jobs.
  3. Advanced Blockchain Developers are considered the most advanced, with the ability to handle all levels of Blockchain assignments within their programming proficiencies.

Cryptrain Offers Employers and Hiring Managers Peace of Mind

The recruitment process implemented by the professionals at Cryptrain is amongst the best developed and in implementation today. Thousands of vetted Blockchain Engineers are pooled in the global talent bank, which stretches beyond 60 countries to date. Cryptrain’s remote available Blockchain Developers possess proven, demonstrated proficiency and must pass soft skills interview rounds before ever reaching your desk for consideration.

Cryptrain removes the guesswork and makes the blockchain recruitment process as seamless as it can possibly be. Contact us today to book a consultation and let us get your company, crypto project or other tech innovation moving forward. The highly vetted Blockchain Engineer for your job may already be waiting to be connected through the Cryptrain global resource pool!

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Cryptrain can help you with where to find Blockchain Developers in order to progress forward with your crypto project. A consultation costs you nothing, but it may provide clarity needed to make a hire!

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