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What is Cryptrain

Cryptrain is a Tech powered Talent Agency supported by a team of Web3.0 experts in tech recruitment, combining their knowledge in Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse and XR. We compliment our expertise with our inhouse built AI technical screening technology and soft skills scoring system to efficiently and accurately provide you with great talents from anywhere around the world. We pride ourselves with having integrity and honestly to all our clients.  

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Sourcing Talents

Talent Pool

Cryptrain is proud to have a talent pool of over 17,000 + talents from over 60 countries with over 1,000 + being fully validated by our AI. Our talents come with knowledge and background with many different coding languages catered to Web 3.0. 

Cryptrain is constantly growing our global talent pool with on the spot technical validation completed. Having a global Talent pool allow us to cover job vacancies very quickly to prevent disruption to day-to-day business.

Remote Employees

Remote working has increased dramatically in the last few years due to better communication and employee management tools. Remote employees can provide great benefits to your organisation but also a huge risk if not properly sourced and screened. 

As Cryptrain has global ambition, we are able to source and validate talents regardless of where they are living. We have a great track record of finding great remote employees by going through our screening process which includes a strict background check.

Partnership and Ads

Cryptrain source talents by placing your job ads on variou platforms including partnering with some of the world’s biggest job advertising websites as well as working closely with our recruitment partners from all over the world to source the best talent for you. 

Regardless of how talents is sourced, they will still need to go through our Cryptrain screening process to validate candidates before presenting our clients with recommendations. 

Job Board

Cryptrain Job Board is a popular service we provide to all our clients free of charge to showcase open positions to all of Cryptrain’s community members. 

Potential talents is able to apply directly from our job board and get validated straight away with our AI. 


Hackathon is a great way to seek talented developers, increase brand awareness in the community or to test your app. 

Cryptrain has experience in organising online Hackathons big or small using our community and partners to cater to your requirements. To ensure you get the best talents applying for your Hackathon, a prize money or tokens is a great incentive. 

Screening Talents

AI Technical Screening

Cryptrain AI screening tool was developed in-house with Skillsme  for the purpose of screening tech talents technical skills efficiently and at scale using real data from (Github, Gitlab, Stackoverflow, Linkedin and Code Snippet) provided by potential candidates. 

Our AI allows us to find hidden talents that otherwise would be overlooked due to having a bad CV. Remember, developers write codes, not CVs.  We would then use our state of the art filtering algorithm to ensure we pick the best few candidates for the next stage based on your recruiting requirements. 

The development of our AI with Skillsme has been enhanced for Web 3.0 technical screening. 

Soft-Skill scoring system

We know soft-skills is very important to our clients, that’s why at Cryptrain, we have designed a soft skills scoring system which will be implemented during the interview process. 

Our interviewers are well trained to pick up signals and provide scoring on talent performance during the interview. The scoring is then integrated with our AI for the talent overall rating. So you can rest assured that the talents provided to you are the best suited based on your requirements.

Some of the signals we look at includes their communication skills, networking ability, teamwork and many more.

Interviewing & Reference Check

One of the reason we started Cryptrain is to ensure that Web 3.0 companies reduce the risk of getting scammed by outsourcing development. 

Hiring remote employees can be a huge benefit to your company but also comes with a huge risk. After hundreds of interviews with developers, Cryptrain has become an expert in filtering out developers that might be scamming you. For example, dev agencies normally send a professional interviewer to try and get the job and once successful, outsource the project to a junior developer. What often happens is that the projects become delayed with many bugs and issues costing you time and money. 

At Cryptrain, we filter these people out so you get the best talents that will only work for you.  

Reports and Recommendations

Cryptrain will provide you with a comprehensive report of each of the top 5 candidates we have provided. 

The report will include our findings during the screening process including your talents AI technical abilities with rating, Soft-Skills score, reference check and notes during the interview process. Depending on the amount of data the developers provides on their github account, we can also provide info regarding your talents ability to learn quickly or if your talent is a code enthusiast. 

Lastly, we will provide our recommendations to you to aid it your hiring decision. 

Price List

AI Screening

Screening Individual Talent
US $250 Per Talent
  • AI Screening
  • Report & Recommendation

Cryptrain Plus

All Services included
Commission* 10% Annual Salary
  • Sourcing Talents
  • Screening Talents
  • Talents Report & Recommendation

Cryptrain Screening

Screening your Talents
Commission* 7% Annual Salary
  • Screening Talents
  • Talents Report & Recommendation

* We accept stable coins including USDT, BUSD, USDC and Fiat Transfer

Ready to hire talents

Contact us today for a free no obligation discussion on how we can provide a value to your hiring needs. Please let us know the type of business you are in and also a summary of the project you are looking at doing as well as the type of developer you are looking for.  


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