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Cryptrain offers competitive pricing for Blockchain Developer recruitment

Cryptrain offers competitive pricing in 3 specific tiers to make it simple for our clients. We help blockchain employers, companies and hiring managers to keep it simple, by keeping our pricing clear and competitive.

  1. A single, individual screening for one-time Blockchain Developer needs is $250, and enables us to facilitate our full AI screening process and make recommendations.
  2. For 7% commission we offer Cryptrain screening to oversee all screening, reporting and recommending of potential Blockchain Developers.
  3. For 10% commission we offer Cryptrain Plus, which includes all of our available services, including Sourcing, screening, reporting and recommending talent to our clients.

The cost to hire a qualified Blockchain Developer can range in price according to the experience of the Blockchain Engineer and the type of Blockchain Development required by the company or project.

Factors which affect Blockchain Developer salary levels

Rates to hire Blockchain Developers cover a wide range. The average Blockchain Developer salary levels typically start around $50,000 a year, and can get up to around $200,000 annually at the high end.

Factors which affect costs of hiring Blockchain Developers certainly include experience, programming languages which the Blockchain Developer is proficient in, and also region of the world the Developer is located in and relevant local socio-economics.


Rates influenced by region employers find blockchain developers in

Since the majority of Blockchain Developer jobs are remote nowadays in the rapidly growing decentralized social landscape, location-independent recruitment can be implemented by employers and managers when engaged in the process of hiring Blockchain Developers of any kind. Remote blockchain developers are the most common of all currently. The least expensive Blockchain Developer costs can typically be found throughout Asia, however cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

According to reports drawn from statistics published in 2022, the range of the developer hourly rate, which represents the hourly cost to hire a Blockchain Developer in India, is around $20/hr. The US national average ranges from the lowest end at about $50, up to $200 per hour, much higher than the rates Developers would charge in Asia. This causes drastic differences in recruitment based on geographical region, for hiring freelance Blockchain Developers.

Wide salary and rate differences cause uncertainty in Blockchain Developer hiring process

The differences in Blockchain Developer rates due to variable regional costs and other factors, causes a considerable degree of uncertainty when it comes to what the accurate cost to hire a blockchain developer should actually be.

Platforms like upwork and Fivver have further confused many employers and project managers from knowing the accurate pricing to expect when looking to hire a qualified Blockchain Developer.


Recruitment experience is important to possess when hiring Blockchain Developers

Since cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry is still considered to be in its early stages, engineers have flocked to the market. As is the case with all new and developing fields, many who present themselves as Blockchain Developers don’t exactly know what they’re doing with mastery oftentimes.

This is a good place to mention that Blockchain Developer courses range from 3 months to 2 years, depending on the accrediting body, curriculum, programming, language covered, and other factors. If you haven’t been inside of the industry to see and witness its evolution, it could be difficult trying to comprehend accurately without the proper context.

This is where Cryptrain comes in, with our time and experience in the industry. At Cryptrain we’ve developed AI technology tools and combine them with professionally cultivated abilities that enable us to assess the programming proficiency of Blockchain Developers with clearly readable analytics and clear parameters which govern metrics and measurements.

Blockchain Developers check their skills against AI tools designed for accuracy

All of our packages include the implementation of the AI screening tool we use at Cryptrain. This screening tool gives our clients the ability to check the undeniable evidence of their technical proficiency, and give confidence for whatever the next step may be, sometimes prior to ultimately deciding to hire or not.

Our AI supported validation process allows programmers in any of the known computer and software languages, to input their github and other written code, which will provide an accurate assessment of programming language mastery and level of proficiency. Cryptrain is pleased to offer our powerful AI screening tool process and results made available with all three packages available for clients to choose from.


Let Cryptrain advance your Blockchain Developer recruitment practices

Cryptrain offers invaluable resources to blockchain companies, employers, project managers, and the blockchain engineering talent that we have the pleasure of helping to find their dream jobs in many cases. The collective nature of all of our independently skilled, yet corporately unified and aligned team members in this effort must be on the same page for the work to continue to be effective as it has been to some degree over the last several years.

At Cryptrain we present the very best of all available methods used to vet and rate Blockchain Developers to ensure the best fit for blockchain companies and cryptocurrency projects. We also charge some of the best rates globally, especially when considering how far above and beyond we go to get it right and guarantee our client and Blockchain Developers are accurately placed.

Cryptrain is the best around for precision, competitively-priced Blockchain Developer recruitment. Contact us today to start hiring!

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