Tips & Tricks to Help Blockchain Developers get Validated by Cryptrain

The process of getting validated can do many positive things for Blockchain Developers looking to get hired for the job of their dreams. At Cryptrain we are Blockchain Recruiters who are interested in helping Blockchain Engineers searching for gainful employment opportunities to get just that, so we want to provide a few basic items which can help ease the uncertainty and fears that may arise when a Developer ponders over the validation process.

It could be the smallest things that cause an extremely capable professional to become overly concerned, and result in substandard performance. Maybe you’re just not a confident test taker, but you know your stuff. Whatever it is, we wanted to provide the following resources to help ease all of the mental and emotional stressors that the validation process may bring. The following tips and tricks can be implemented by Blockchain Developers in their pursuit to get validated and stand out in the Cryptrain global talent pool.

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Stay Active on Github and Other Platforms to Contribute Code Regularly

One of the most fundamental points of control for a programmer is their actual time spent programming. When active Blockchain Developers are regularly contributing to open source code through their Github profile, it goes a long way with the recruitment process. The AI tech-supported validation process depends on the submission of this code in order to help determine the programmer’s technical mastery as well as the frequency and activity time spent coding.

One of the simplest ways to advance in the Cryptrain job seekers platform and global talent pool, is by spending time regularly coding on your Github or Gitlab and updating other platforms like LinkedIn, giving you access to add onto open source code.

Link all of Your Active Coding Accounts

There are more platforms which Blockchain Developers can attach their Cryptrain accounts to. That means beyond just Github, newly applying Engineers can also connect their Gitlab, LinkedIn and Stackoverflow accounts to their Cryptrain professional accounts.

As Developers continue writing code, it gives us more as Blockchain Recruiters, to go off of and assess programmer skills sincerely prior to validating and making recommendations to employers in need of professionals.

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Be Honest with Your Work

The Cryptrain process and AI technology specifically, is equipped to identify and pick up on plagiarism. For this reason, one of the most important things we ask our Blockchain Developers to practice whenever submitting code, is complete integrity.

Whenever submitting your code, ensure that it is completely yours, and you are able to give an explanation as to why you chose to write the code in the way you have. It’s not just enough to write the code, but the more advanced the Developer, the more they are able to justify the formation of code, since programmers write differently within identical coding theories.

Be Yourself and Trust Your Ability

While we can certainly focus on the technical specifications addressed thus far, it is vitally important that you trust your ability to do what you’ve been trained to do. There are blockchain professionals across the world all competing for the abundance of blockchain jobs becoming available in the rapidly growing space.

It is important to remember that you’ve done the work. You’ve been trained, you’re coding, and you feel confident enough that you’re willing to exchange your expertise for pay in order to complete assignments that will empower a company or brand to develop a unique decentralized project which they wouldn’t be able to do without you. Stay calm and go through the process to let your skills be made evident through testing and interviewing.


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