Hiring Remote Web 3.0 Developers

Hiring Remote Web 3.0 Developers

It’s never easy to hire the right developer for your organisation. Then we add another layer of complexity, trying to find a Web 3.0 developer with crypto/ blockchain knowledge with years of experience. In the recruitment industry, we call this a Unicorn.. It’s extremely hard or near impossible to find.

However, the best solution might not be looking locally but to search worldwide for talents and work with them remotely.  In fact, companies that only hire developers locally is missing out on a lot of benefits as well as risk associated with hiring remote developers. This blog address the opportunity and risk of hiring remote Web 3.0 developers.


Flexible Working

Flexible working is one of the most used word during the post Covid employment environment. The flexibility of working hours benefits both developers and their employees. Remote developers will always stick to a specific schedule that they are used to in order to ensure the highest quality and performance from the developer. This is so they will choose the most suitable time to achieve the best possible result.

There are software you can subscribe to like Monday.com monitoring software to help you track your remote developers working hours. This monitoring tool gives you the freedom to focus on other important tasks. 

Access to More Talents 

Various industries have an increasing need for skilled developers not just in the Web 3.0 space. This can make hiring extremely difficult, especially when you need specific-skilled developers. Especially for Web 3.0 companies to hire  developers that have knowledge or an interest in Crypto/ Blockchain.

So, starting a remote software development team at your company will give your company access to untapped local markets and an endless stream of skilled foreign talent. Cryptrain is an expert in validating remote Web 3.0 Devs technical and soft skills. It is a strong believe that in order to hire remote Web 3.0 developers there is an equal weighting in both their technical ability as well as soft skills ability as communication will be a major factor in hiring remote workers.

Increased Productivity

In today’s world, it’s highly productive to have a remote development team in your company. Besides, based on a remote work survey by “Indeed,” 72% of organizations that implement remote work policies say they have a more productive workforce. Also, another 22% believe a remote team is far more productive, while only 3% agree it’s less effective to work remotely. 

In the fast growing Web 3.0 space, having a productive developer is extremely important and even though remote working show signs of productivity, it is important in the early stage of your recruitment process to validate your web 3.0 developer.


A company requires good infrastructure before it can employ full-time developers. Working with the remote team saves you enormous costs for your IT infrastructure, workplace, and many more. Furthermore, remote developers do not have additional expenses such as electricity bills, internet, refreshments, meals, and many others. It’s simply cheaper to hire a remote developer.

Cost of living in some part of the world are also significant lower meaning you can pay less compared to locally soured developer. However, paying the market rate or higher relative to the countries benchmark is highly recommended especially if the developer is a unicorn (and have been fully validated/ vetted.

24/7 (Someone is always on call)

Due to time zone differences, having developers based in different part of the world can sometimes mean that someone from the organisation is always available (on call) to fix any urgent issues as they come up. Some companies will setup offices in other part of the world just for this purpose.


Getting Scammed

Reducing Web 3.0 companies getting scammed by remote workers/ outsourced agencies is one of the reason Cryptrain talent agency started. Being remote means you won’t be meeting your employee often or in person due to time differences. Therefore, it is important to have a strict background check, validate and ensure they know their legal requirements to follow the contract.

Talk to our experts at Cryptrain today  to see how we can help your remote Web 3.0 hiring journey.

Legal and Employment Contract

Having a strong legal employment contract relative to the country they work in is very important. It is always a good idea to approach a lawyer to draw up a contract between your company and the remote employer. However, we all know that lawyers are expensive and Web 3.0 companies are more willing to spend on development and marketing. Therefore, using a remote working employment agreement template is the next best thing. Remember to also check with local authority regarding their employment laws/ public holidays etc.

Tips and Solutions

Is it Possible to Create a Successful Remote Team for web 3.0 companies?

Yes, it’s still possible to build or create a successful remote team that can satisfy all your requirements and accomplish your Web 3.0 project goals. Here are a few valuable tips for managing a remote team successfully:

  • Ensure to communicate your mission and values to your remote team
  • Ensure you remind your remote workers that they are valued and appreciated
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings or virtual stand-ups
  • Instil an environment of trust and create psychological safety 
  • Don’t overload your team with tasks, and make sure you pay them in time
  • Don’t forget to step back and question assumptions
  • Validate and ensure you do your background check during your recruitment process.


In conclusion, hiring remote workers for your web 3.0 projects is a beneficial and cost-effective way to ensure your project is completed to a high standard, on time and on budget.. However, there is some risk involved and this is where companies like Cryptrain can help. Cryptrain is a tech powered using AI and other data to source and validate remote talents effectively and at a timely matter. Cryptrain has years of proven track record of successful hires. Contact Cryptrain today for a free  no obligation session to see how we can help.